Vintage Modern Christmas Table Decor

Christmas is coming very soon, and most of us want to decorate our home in the Christmas theme. So if you are searching for Vintage Modern Christmas Table Decor, then your search may end here. Everyone loves to decorate their homes for Christmas and want to share the joy with others.

But if you did not know how to decorate home in Christmas, then do not worry. In this post, I am going to share some ways to decorate your Christmas table in a modern and unique way, and I am pretty sure it will surprise everyone when they see your decoration.

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Most of the homemakers confused about what type of decoration they will do with their Christmas table this year. Because there are various options available with a different theme. Everyone wants to do something new and modern that makes the Christmas table more fascinating and eye-catching.

The below-mentioned designs are thoroughly modern and give a completely new look to your Christmas table. The good thing is that all these decorations are easy to put together and won’t make a hole in your wallet.

Top 5 Best Vintage Modern Christmas Table Decor

1. A Table Setting as Work of Art

It is one of the minimal design dining room tables, and the benefit of this is that the centerpiece acts like a real work of art. The creamware flowerpots and stewed fruit and jars give it a thoroughly modern and vintage look.

The red and white candy-striped straws on the glass jar give it a right Christmas table touch. One good thing I like the most about this decoration is that the evergreen branches and the pinecones which complete the whole setup complete.

  1. Apples as Candleholders

It is an outstanding piece of work. It would help if you placed the small candles into the apples by cutting them slightly from the top side. You can use green apples, red apples, or a combination of red and green as per your choice.

You can create 2 to 3 plates in this way to fill up the free space on your table. After enjoying the night, you can even eat the apples because they will be fresh for at least a few days.

  1. Red and White Candles

Another fantastic way to decorate your Christmas table by using pillar candles in different sizes. Just add sparkly red color on the bottom of the candle the leave the top area as it is. It will create a Christmas theme in a vintage-modern way, and everyone likes it.

Apart from this, you can add some plastic balls in sparkly red and white colors to make it more interesting. The reason why we said to use the pillar candles of different heights is that it gives the whole setup a more appealing look.

  1. Lovable Placeholders for the Table with Names

This is one of my favorites Christmas table decor. The red and black checked napkins tied with cardboard made reindeer heads look amazing on the dining table. On the advanced side, the napkin also holds the first letter of the diner’s name so that the diner can sit on their respected chairs.

To make things more fascinating, you can add slices of tree bark and snowy pinecones for a centerpiece. Apart from these, add some red berries with leaves in the jar and put them above the tree bark slices to complete the whole setup.

  1. Red Berry Merry Christmas

The Ruby red cranberries with a gorgeous cream and white flowers situated in the rectangle shape jar make it a perfect vintage modern Christmas table decor. Apart from this, add some water in the rectangle glass jars and add some tree leaves and the flowers on the top.

It is the perfect decor for your holiday table, and it won’t cost you much and give a perfect look to your home, and after the party, you can clean them very easily without any trace of stain or dust.

Wrapping Up

So, these are some of the spending ways to decorate your Christmas table in vintage and modern way. All the mentioned designs are unique on its own, and now it is up to you which one you like the most.

You can comment down your favorite decor or have any other decor in your mind, then feel free to share it with us. If we like your decor, then we will add it to our list along with your credit.


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